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Sell Your Food Truck

Selling your food truck on rocknspots.com is easy. Take a few photos of your food truck, organize the details a buyer will want to know, then create a listing to showcase your food truck. You will need to register with rocknspots.com if you haven't already. If you are already registered, simply log in and return to this page to enter your food truck for sale listing.

Your email address will not be displayed on the listing. It will be made available once you respond to a buyer's request.

Ready to sell your food truck? Log in or register with rocknspots.com, then return here to list your food truck for sale.

Checklist to prepare a listing:

  • Take photographs
  • Find the make, model and key features of your truck
  • Identify primary equipment and features installed in your food truck
  • Decide on a fair asking price
  • Login in and complete the Sell Your Food Truck form to create the ad

Good Luck!

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