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Cream Time

Cream Time
rocknspots.com ID#:2593

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Location: Hartford, CT
Contact: Cream Time
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Customer Feedback

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About Cream Time

It's always time for ice cream, and no one knows this better than Cream Time. It's your friendly neighborhood ice cream truck cruising in Hartford, CT, and it's been around since the year 2000. That's a long time serving you the sweetest treats on the streets, but for Cream Time, it's no time at all. 

That's because time flies when you're having fun, and that's what Cream Time is all about. Here, you're getting all those pre packaged novelty goods, taking you back in time to summers spent chasing the ice cream truck. Remember choosing an ice cream pop of your favorite character, only to swiftly bite into its head? Cream Time's got those. How about rainbow flavored popsicles to dye your tongue in a rainbow of colors? Got those too. For you chocoholics out there, Cream Time's got choco tacos alongside chocolate dipped drum sticks, Klondike bars and ice cream sammies. It's all sweet at Cream Time, so why wait? Call 'em up to cater your next ice cream social, or find 'em in Hartford, CT. It's time you treat yourself. You've earned it. 

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