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Disco Forno Pizza Truck

Disco Forno Pizza Truck
rocknspots.com ID#:2597

Contact Information

Location: Hartford, CT
Contact: Disco Forno Pizza Truck
Phone: (203) 232-6768
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Customer Feedback

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About Disco Forno Pizza Truck

Disco Forno Pizza Truck's got a pretty sweet name and a pretty sweet backstory. Back in the day, pizzaiolo Brandon built a pizza oven in his backyard, perfecting his recipe for hand tossed dough over the fire for years. He then set to traveling the world as a DJ, where he met Karen, the wedding planner. Fast forward to now, and they've made a business together: disco forno, or "party oven" in Italian. 

At Disco Forno Pizza Truck, they're bringing that pizza party experience to you. Here, they're specializing in authentic Neapolitan style pizza, with fresh mozzarella and chewy crust unlike its heavily cheese-laden counterparts. From customer favorites like margherita topped lovingly with crushed tomato, basil and fresh mozzarella to all original creations including the Tolvese pizza with prosciutto, arugula and figs in a balsamic glaze, rest assured there's a palate pleasing pie for all to enjoy here. They've even got sweet treats on board like cannolis and gelato, not to mention cold brew coffee and espresso. They're just accommodating like that. So why wait? Find Disco Forno Pizza Truck in Hartford, CT, or have 'em out to cater. Trust us. They won't disappoint. 

Patata - this unique pie features chunks of potato alongside mozzarella, bacon and rosemary for a flavor you won't soon forget

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